Hey there, Fashionista 1 here. Sorry I haven't been here in a while, you know(; Ohk, well my first thing is total fashion suicide.. Baggy sweatshirts that are 3 sizes to big, are only good for inside the house where no one can see you. And yoga pants, they are comfy, but honestly.. don't wear them out in public. Now, I love camo, but camoflouge is SOO noit in right now.. Hope you enjoyed my bloog(:
Now you are a guy, no I know this is hard for me caus ei'm a girl, but it's not hard. So, your a guy, wearing striped shirts, and a t-shirt, that's just wrong. You can wear khaki shorts, cute boy shoes, high black socks(:, and either a Hollister or Aeropostal shirt, you could look sooooo much better(: Hope you like this one(;
Fashionista 2 here, telling you about a huge mistake you can easily. Some pieces in your wardrobe can look fantastic alone, but when you mix them all together, well, lets just say you won't look as good as you thought. For example, I was walking the halls today, minding my own buisness when I saw a fashion disaster. Stripes and Polka dots in one outfit. She had a polka dot top, and a striped bottom. I wanted to give her advice about her look but, I don't think she would like it if I told her she needed a new wardrobe. So chose carefully, but always remember to be yourself, just not overboard;)
Hey! This is Fashionista 2! First I would like to say, good job on your first posts fashionista 1. Now for what I am really posting. This is my style tip #1. I get these from seein people on the streets, and in magazines and other junk;) #1: NEVER get heavy spraytans then wear bright blue eyeshadow on top. Unless your going for the wacko peacock look, which you should never attempt.  I will be posting more of my style tips daily, or whenever I get to it. I hope you liked my first post:) P.S. I love u taylor swift:) your the best;)
Ok, now accessories are a girls best friend, but if you go overboard, well, that can make your whole outfit come crashing down. But, If you have a dress that requires a belt, wear it, but just go with one neckalace, and maybe earings, or a ring, not both. But don't wear 5 necklaces, and a ring on each finger. You can have cute outfits, with less to no accessories. Hope you enjoyed my Blog. My inspiration was I saw this girl last week, ohh, 3 belts, 4 rings, and 4 necklaces, and long dangly earings. Ahh! Fashion Don't if I may Say so myself. Well, Check in for more(:
First Blog! Well, let me start by saying, this is Fashionista 1, there are two of us(; Both of us will be letting you in on the Fashion 411. Now, the fashion I like, is Editorial Fashion, and all that. It amazes me ! Here is my first fashion tip, and I am sure you all know this one, socks with sandals is a HUGE no no ! Also, boys who wear scarves, I''m sorry, but that isn't in anymore. Of course it was in sometime ago, but this is 2012, it's not here anymore. Now, check back in, cause Fashionista 1 will be coming to you again. Stay tuned for fashionista 2 !
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