Summer is a time to show off your tan, and your body with those bikini"s. We wanna help you get the best tan, and the nicest body. Soooo, here is whatcha have to doo !

1. Tanning!
Wear sunscreen, cause you don't want to have a burn't tan !
The hottest hours to tan are 11am - 3pm
Every Half hour or so, stop tanning and go cool off, like jumping in a pool, then go back to tanning.
Add some sunscreen, because it hydrates your skin.
But always protect your skin from the sun, to prevent skin cancer!

2. Hot bikini body!
Every day, get 30 minutes of cardio! Running, biking, exc.
Use weights, 3-5 lbs, and work out with those also !
Also, do leg lifts.
Yoga can help also !
You need to eat healty, we recommend water, and fruits and veggies!
Hope this helped you, wanna tell us that it did ! Comment(:
OK,so we both love the hunger games so of course, we have to ask, PEETA OR GALE?? We wanna know!! E-mail, tweet, blog comment, WHATEVA!!! P.S. rockin a Katniss style braid is so in right now!!!
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Everybody knows that skirts go with a lot of tops. But have you ever tried them over-top of jeans? Yes, it sounds weird, but it looks really cute! If you had planned out this cute short skirt, but it turns out to be 40 degrees outside, then wear the skirt over jeans! You still get the cute skirt, plus you don't have freezing legs!