Have you had a good summer so far? I definetly have! If you are doing something fantastic, please leave a blog comment or send us an email! Thanks!
         xoxo- Fashionista 2

Well, summer has been here for at least a month now. I just went to a camp, and studied everyone's fashion! As Fashionista 2 said, I will also be putting pictures of my own fashion on here too!(: And REMEMBER! Everyon e has their own fashion, dress wild, crazy, and fun. Don't let anyone put you down about it! Like when I was at camp, I wore a white v-neck shirt, turqouise neckalace,and bright turqouise short shorts! It looked fabulous to me and my friends, but another girl said i looked to crazy. So I said, when you like what you wear, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks about you! This is what I have to say, EXPRESS YOURSELF!(:

                           XOXO Fashionista 1
Right now i've been looking at my own wardrobe, you know, seeing  what good can come out of it. So i spent about 3 ours in my room, putting together summer masterpieces. And I thought, I should display outfits of my own, that I put together. So, coming soon, in my blogs I will put pics of my style. Please add a blog comment, email, tweet, etc., so we have your opinion. Also, lately I have been inspired by another young designer. She has her own line called "Alyssa Nicole". You can check it out at alyssabird.com