Preppy+bold color+ your personality= Gorgeous!
              xoxo- Fashionista 2:)
You guys have got to enter our contest. We see how many people check out the site everyday, so We know you are checking us out. YOU GOTTA ENETER SILLY ! :) Please please pleaaassee ? For us? Just enter, cause you could win ! :)

                                 xoxo Maggie (:
Ok , so we really haven't told you guys anything about us. We are actually BEST FRIENDS! Since 2nd grade(: I'm just saying, don't think we don't really talk, or that we are just website partners. We really are best friends. Text all the time, sleepovers, as you can also see, we take the dumbest pictures EVER!(: Hhaa, I hope Nat reads this, cause I'm writing it, and she isn't here, lolol(: My favorite color is neon green, and hers is hot pink. We both love fashion, actually, all we did in 5th grade at recess was draw fashions and stuff (: We hangout a lot ! She's myy beeesssttfraand ! Hahaha. Anyways, She's like 5 or 6 months older then me, but im like 5 inches taller(; Gotchaa ! We like to play Nerf Dart wars with her little brother, and eat pizza till we can't eat absolutely anymore. Omg . . Bacon pizza yuuuuummm ! Hhaha All we do is Fashion, and taking jump pictures, and just have fuun !(: Plus listen to TAYLOR SWIFT !! ahhhhh she's totally awesome. So now you guys know some stuff about us(:
 Anywhosers, e-mail us, cause i can promise you, we do reply to every single one, no matter what. Well unless it's hate mail, theenn >:p haha (:(:

                                          xoxo Maggie ( Fashionista 1 )
So, as you may have read on our contest page, WE ARE HAVING A CONTEST! We totally encourage you to enter. It's gonna be soo awesome to see all of your entries! I cannot wait. And I'm sure Nat can't wait either. It's gonna be amazing! But keep watching, cause there will be way more contests to come. Like a back to school contest, and more!(:

                                                xoxo Fashionista 1(:
So, I am dying to know, how hot has it been where you are? You have to let us know, cause I wanna tell you, what outfits are good for your weather! Gonna post some pictures soon!(:

                     Love you Fashionista's!

                                  xoxo Fashionista 1