Okedokie, I'm Listening to I Wish by One Direction. Idk, I'm just feeling music-y (: You know? Their songs always make me happy, EVEN THE SAD ONES! You should totally tell me what your favorite songs are! I'll listen to them, cause I am always up for good music(: They can be by anyone , any song, any artist(: I love new music!! So, comment in this blog what your fave songs are(: And Check out our music psge, cause if I TOTALLY LOVE the song, i'll put it on there so everyone can hear it(: Now hurry up and comment your fave song!!(:

                                                        xoxo Fashionista1 ( A.K.A Maggie(; )

8/21/2012 02:40:07 am

I love " We Found Love" By Rihanna!!


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