First Blog! Well, let me start by saying, this is Fashionista 1, there are two of us(; Both of us will be letting you in on the Fashion 411. Now, the fashion I like, is Editorial Fashion, and all that. It amazes me ! Here is my first fashion tip, and I am sure you all know this one, socks with sandals is a HUGE no no ! Also, boys who wear scarves, I''m sorry, but that isn't in anymore. Of course it was in sometime ago, but this is 2012, it's not here anymore. Now, check back in, cause Fashionista 1 will be coming to you again. Stay tuned for fashionista 2 !
nat (co-founder)
4/15/2012 01:21:29 am

hey its awesome! all of my friends agree:)

Mag(co founder)
4/15/2012 01:23:23 am

Hhehe thhanks(: You gotta do blogs too !(: What'd you think of the website? you can get on here and change anything you want! :D


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